About MTAA

MTAA was organized over 50 years ago to provide a variety of sports programs for the children of Muhlenberg Township.  It has grown to include football, field hockey, cheerleading, wrestling, basketball, softball and baseball.  It is a non-profit organization run by a board of directors consisting of an executive board and other elected individuals.  The organization is governed by BYLAWS, and meets one time per month.  Meetings are opened to all members of the organization. The meetings are on the 4th Monday of each month except on or near a holiday. Check the meeting dates HERE.

2017 Board of Directors

President Don Raifsnider Jr


 Gretchen LaFerriere


Jessica McGovern Recording_Sec

Kelly Burr

 Brad Coley


 Ernie Walker

 Comm. Coordinator

 Chris Evans


 Valon Archie


 Doug Brown


 Dan Clemison


 Terry Heffner


 Josh Kantner


 Ebony McNeil


 Jeff Moody


 Jennifer Hultzapple


 Joe Zona


Chris Jones 


Chris Schearer  At-Large

Executive Board Members may be contacted by using the Position Title as displayed, along with @mtaasports.com behind the title for the officers email address.


The coaches are members of the community and are volunteers, they receive no monetary compensation.  Most have a child participating in a sport, but is not required.  Some have prior experience, some do not, but they all share a common characteristic – the love of wanting to work with children.  A coach is a strong role model for the children.  All parents are invited to help coach.  Prior clearances are required, see the Forms Page.  If you do not coach, we encourage you to get to know your child’s coaches.  Open communication between a parent and coach is vital to an enriched opportunity for your child.

Ways & Means

The organization is funded through fundraisers, donations, minimal sports fees, and the sponsorship of the signs located at the MTAA field. Large signs advertising local businesses are available for rent. It includes a one time setup fee, then a yearly maintenance fee. For more information, contact Brad Coley (484) 769-6953.