Individual Sport Fundraising Form

Request to Board for Individual Team/Sport Fundraising


Person Making Request _________________________Date _________

From What Sport ___________________________________________

From What Individual Team ___________________________________

What Item(s) group is hoping to Purchase ________________________


Total Cost of Above Item(s) ____________________________________

Type of Product or Good Proposing to Sell ________________________

(sample flyer or handout must be attached showing what parents will receive)

Name of Company of Manufacturer of Fundraising Item ____________


Total Goal of Funds Hoping to Raise $____________________________

Estimated Retail Cost of Fundraising Items(s): From $ ____to $_______

Approx. Estimated Profit of Individual Fundraising Per Items(s) __________________________________________________________

Estimated Total Profit ________________________________________

Date Fundraiser will be Distributed to Players/Parents ______________

Date Fundraiser being collected for Players/Parents________________

Plan for Distribution of Items __________________________________





Presented to Board of Directors on _____________________________

Approved or Denied by Board of Directors on _____________________

Group Notified by the Board   To Whom ___________  Date _________

Please note all rules/requirements listed under separate cover.