Individual Sport Fundraising Guidelines

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M.T.A.A. Rules for Individual Team/Sport Fundraising

  1. All fundraising ideas must be verbally presented to the board, along with a written proposal, at a general meeting.  Proposal must include why fundraiser is being held including estimate for said purchase, an example of what parents/children will be given to explain fundraiser, as well as estimated profit expected.
  2. Fundraising must consist of the sale of a product/good or service.
  3. All fundraising collection funds (as well as the purchase itself of said item for which funds are being raised) must be made payable to M.T.A.A. in accordance with 501C3 guidelines
  4. Fundraising held for the purpose of purchasing equipment is done with the understanding that at the end of the season the equipment will be returned, and belongs to, M.T.A.A.
  5. Group(s) holding a fundraising activity agree if their goal amount is not reached during the fundraiser to pay for said item (in full) that all monies will belong to M.T. A. A. and can requested from said group that the money be earmarked  towards the future purchase of original item(s).  The following season that group can hold another fundraiser to raise the difference needed.  The group can approach the board requesting possible supplement of remaining funds by the association; however no guarantee will ever be given, nor should be implied upfront to any individuals, that the Board of Directors will incur difference of cost for items(s) due to unraised funds.
  6. Fundraising can be done to raise money for new uniforms (for sports that do not keep their uniform at the end of the season); however, if money is being raised for uniforms it must be done with the understanding that the entire sport (across all age levels) receives new uniforms and not just one team within that sport.  All uniforms must be returned to MTAA at the end of the season.  Fundraising cannot be done to “outfit” an individual team with special uniforms or non- essential equipment.
  7. Tournaments are eligible for fundraising approval however if not all funds are raised to cover entire cost of said tournament, any deposits made to enroll in tournament  which are lost (including travel expenses) are not refundable by association.  The possibility for  no refund must be explained to the parents upfront as well as to all that are purchasing from the fundraising event.
  8. Group must report back to board within 30 days of fundraiser closing date with details of total amount raised and coordinate with fundraising committee distribution and purchase.

Note: These guidelines may be adjusted or modified as the board sees fit.